The Butterfly Lounge was created in 2002 by Ms. Kathleen Divine.


I started out in 1997 hosting BBW Parties in my club house. I then saw that there was a need for "Size Acceptance"  as in not to just host BBW parties but too welcome people of all sizes.  This way if you are plus size and have friends that are smaller they would also be welcomed.











My inspiration came from my younger sister Cynthia. I grew up watching her struggle and battle  to lose weight.  I watched as she felt unaccepted by society and saw her self esteem was being defeated. She tried every diet imaginable and after many attempts she decided to have the  "Gastric bipass surgery" which at the time was very new. It saddens me to say but this surgery was not what we had hoped for. Cynthia suffered for many years and spent most of her time in the hospital. Although she eventually lost all the weight in the end it took her life. The last time I saw my  sister Cynthia it was at The Butterfly Lounge. 


On a more postive note I have personally seen the effect The Butterfly Lounge has had on society. I have watched as many of you have found love and acceptance in your life.

I have also received emails from all over the world embracing us!